[]Enum polymesh::service::DatabaseConfig

pub enum DatabaseConfig {
    RocksDb {
        path: PathBuf,
        cache_size: usize,
    ParityDb {
        path: PathBuf,
    Custom(Arc<dyn Database<[u8; 32]> + 'static>),

Where to find the database..



Load a RocksDB database from a given path. Recommended for most uses.

Fields of RocksDb

path: PathBuf

Path to the database.

cache_size: usize

Cache size in MiB.


Load a ParityDb database from a given path.

Fields of ParityDb

path: PathBuf

Path to the database.

Custom(Arc<dyn Database<[u8; 32]> + 'static>)

Use a custom already-open database.


impl DatabaseSettingsSrc

pub fn path(&self) -> Option<&Path>

Return dabase path for databases that are on the disk.

pub fn supports_ref_counting(&self) -> bool

Check if database supports internal ref counting for state data.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for DatabaseSettingsSrc

impl Debug for DatabaseSettingsSrc

impl Display for DatabaseSettingsSrc

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for DatabaseSettingsSrc[src]

impl Send for DatabaseSettingsSrc[src]

impl Sync for DatabaseSettingsSrc[src]

impl Unpin for DatabaseSettingsSrc[src]

impl !UnwindSafe for DatabaseSettingsSrc[src]

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